Choose between shared hosting plans Whether you are just starting a website, or already have

Choose between shared hosting plans

Whether you are just starting a website, or already have a few projects, Linux shared hosting plans are the perfect place to accommodate them all. Every shared hosting plan can be effortlessly upgraded to a more powerful one. Thus we promise easy scaling, carefully selected features, and powerful hosting server infrastructure. Let’s make your websites stand out on the world wide


  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Free Domain Registration (with annual plan)


Get online today with shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the ultimate platform to start a successful project. Low costs with instant set up will ensure that you’re up and running in no time. Our dedicated web hosting support crew will also be there to make all your dreams come true!

Professional Email Hosting

Professional Email Hosting

All shared web hosting plans include email services to ensure that you have a reliable way to communicate with your customers and visitors. Powerful cloud SMTP delivery removes any blacklisting possibilities and guarantees smooth and reliable email delivery!

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

Limitless practicability with endless possibilities. Our Premium and Business shared hosting plans will let you host as many domain names as you need while having separate content on each one. All of this comes with one shared hosting package. One plan to rule them all!

24/7/365 Live Support

24/7/365 Live Support

Got stuck somewhere? No worries! A dedicated and super helpful customer success team will be there day and night in case you need any assistance. No matter what problem you encounter, our agents will be there to make it better!



As an accredited ICANN domain registrar, we offer domain name registration services too. Pick any name you want for your awesome website! Moreover, try our shared web hosting plans for 12 months or more and receive a free domain name for the first year!

Secure Shared Hosting Servers

Secure Servers

Years of experience in the shared web hosting market has allowed our administrator and monitoring teams to create a safe and reliable platform for any website. From advanced firewalls to custom security software, our web hosting is one of the most secure solutions out there!

Free SSL

Free SSL

Business shared hosting plans bought for one year or longer include a free SSL certificate. As the online world evolves, having a safe and reliable website has never been more important. Secure your customer data and improve SEO ranking by using this limited time offer!

Looking for a different hosting solution?

As a veteran of the web hosting scene, we are ready to give you a solution for every need!

VPS Hosting

Is shared hosting a bit too weak? If you are searching for a more powerful hosting solution, our virtual private servers are just the thing! With dedicated resources and root access, you’ll be able to do anything your heart desires.


cPanel Hosting

Looking for something more classic? cPanel has made its way into everyone’s heart by creating an amazing panel with all the crucial features in one place. Try the most popular shared hosting alternative with cPanel instead!


Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the perfect service to start your very own hosting brand. Set up custom plans, upload your branding, and start your online business today. See it grow and conquer the world with Hosting24!


Answers to most frequently asked shared hosting questions

All you need to know about shared hosting in a single place:

Shared hosting is a web hosting type that works by allocating multiple users on a single server. All features, limits, and functions are implemented by the provider. The users located on a shared hosting server have a joined pool of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, and all other resources.

You can utilize shared hosting to create a fully functional website without having any server management or coding knowledge. It is also the most economical hosting alternative, as the server costs are split among many users.

When choosing web hosting, you have to take several things into consideration. For example:

  • How many visitors do I expect?
  • What kind of functionality will my website have?
  • Is my site resource-heavy?
  • How large do I expect my project to grow?

By answering these simple questions, you may get a better idea on what kind of web hosting is needed. In general, you can always start with a shared hosting package as it’s economical and easy to use. Furthermore, each plan has a higher resource value, thus you’ll have room for growth!

You can use all web hosting plans with a domain from another registrar. You’ll only need to add the necessary DNS entries. One way to do it is by pointing the domain to our nameservers. This will let you control the DNS zone on Hosting24. If you prefer keeping your DNS zone elsewhere, you may point the domain to our server via A record. Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for the domain to be fully active due to DNS propagation.

It depends on which shared hosting plan you choose. While the Single plan allows hosting only one domain, you can add as many extra domains as you need using the Premium or Business packages. If the additional domains are from another registrar, you will also need to edit their DNS and point them to our server.

We’re proud to have instant hosting account activation here on Hosting24. Keep in mind that if you register a new domain or use one from another registrar, DNS propagation may take up to 24 hours. But most services such as FTP will still function. Thus you’ll be able to start working on your website during that time.

The best thing about shared hosting is that you do not need technical knowledge to use it. The server itself is pre-configured, and all the settings are already there. Uptime, speed, and performance are also monitored around the clock by an in-house administrator team. All this will let you focus on the most important factor – your website and its growth.

Sure! Building an online store with shared hosting will not be a difficult task. The control panel features a one-click installer with over 30 e-commerce and business scripts including WordPress with WooCommerce. Set it up in just a few button clicks and get started! Last, but not least, you will have a website builder with all the necessary tools to implement a cart on your website.

Shared hosting plans provide a vast selection of tools that you can use for website building:

  1. One-click installer with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 50+ other popular scripts.
  2. Zyro Website Builder – a drag & drop type editor with lots of prebuilt templates and easy-to-use tools. No coding or design knowledge needed!
  3. Powerful PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Phalcon, Zend, or Symfony.
  4. File managers with text editing tools and enhanced code readability.

The security of a shared hosting environment mostly depends on the server configuration. Usually, it features a similar level of security as any other web hosting alternative, but the ability to modify certain aspects is highly limited. This is because shared hosting servers accommodate multiple users. Thus root access required to make server-wide changes is not available.

However, you can rest assured that your website will be safe and sound with Hosting80. All shared hosting servers feature BitNinja real-time protection and advanced firewalls. They aim to prevent DDoS, malware, XSS, brute force, script injections, and similar abusive activity. Last, but not least, you can implement CloudFlare and take advantage of the security tools available in the control panel.


Start your online journey with shared hosting.

Try shared hosting risk-free and show the world what you are made of with Hosting80!

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